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Database Center for Life Science
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Literature Management and Recommendation Service for Life Scientists

Are there many "deeply buried" PDF papers in storage disks of your computers?
Do you have trouble checking abundant papers that are being published everyday?

TogoDoc Client is a solution for the above two problems for life scientists.
It runs on Windows and MacOSX, and provided for free.


Easy Management: Once you tell Client where you usually save PDF papers, it automatically analyzes and manages papers if you just download and save them.

PubMed Recommendation: Based on the analyses, Client recommends papers in which you would be interested from those recently registered to PubMed, by communicating with the TogoDoc server.

Useful Functions: Client offers useful functions of automatic renaming of PDF filenames, management of tags and notes attached to papers, associative search of past-read papers, and full-text search.

Synchronization: Literature libraries are synchronizable among multiple computers.


2017/2/2 TogoDocClient is now not compatible with latest Windows and MacOSX. Sorry for inconvenience.

2012/5/22 iPhoneApp TogoDocMobile is available now!

2011/12/20 Version 1.2.5 released. Improved the accuracy of the automatic literature analysis.

2011/4/14 [[IMPORTANT]] The TogoDoc server has resumed, and full functions of TogoDoc Client are available now.

2011/4/13 A user's guide has been uploaded.

2011/3/30 [[IMPORTANT]] The TogoDoc server is now suspended because of the electric shortage in Tokyo. Several important functions of TogoDoc Client (e.g., recommendation) are temporarily unavailable.

2011/2/25 Version 1.2.4 released. Now TogoDoc Client synchronizes notes and checked literatures with the TogoDoc server.

2011/2/10 Version 1.2.3 released. Dealt with updates of the NCBI's data-distribution formats.

2010/9/4 Website renewed.

2010/9/2 Version 1.2.2 released.

2010/8/31 Version 1.2.1 released.

2010/8/25 Version 1.2.0 released.

2010/5/31 Version 1.1.0 released.

2009/12/30 Version 1.0.4 released.