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Database Center for Life Science
Bioinformatics Lab,
Dept Biol Sci, UTokyo


TogoDoc Client Program:
BSD License
The other content:
Creative Commons License

Installation / Uninstallation

Just download a zipped file below and decompress it.
"TogoDocClient" folder will appear, so double-click an executable file in it.
If necessary, please create shortcuts or aliases, or move the folder (e.g., to Applications Folder in MacOSX).

Windows: tdc-1.2.5-win32.zip (Executable: TogoDocClient.exe)
MacOSX: tdc-1.2.5-macosx.zip (Executable: TogoDocClient.app)
(To linux users)
User's Guide: tdc-manual.pdf

Java version 5 or above is required. In case Client does not launch, please install latest Java.

Uninstallation is also easy. Just remove "TogoDocClient" folder and it will leave nothing on your computer.
No need to worry if the installation makes your machine dirty.


TogoDoc Client may send data of managing PDF files and bibliographic information to Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS).
Those data will not be made public to third parties, but can be used for research and development aims, including to improve our service.
There is no warranty for the program, and DBCLS and the University of Tokyo shall not be responsible for any loss or damages which may be caused by the program.
TogoDoc Client is distributed under an open source license (BSD License). -> For developers

Initialization (3 steps)

1. Press the "Select New PDF Folder" button and choose folders where you usually save PDF papers.

2. Obtain a DBCLS OpenID.

3. Log in the TogoDoc server.

Input the OpenID and password. We recommend to set "Enable Client to do OpenID login automatically" and "Automatically login when TogoDoc Client launches".

(Note: According to your network environment, it may be possible that you need to change proxy settings via the Preference menu.)

Then, Client totally automatically analyzes PDF papers in the designated folders and recommends papers from PubMed daily updates, by communicating with the TogoDoc server.

Please proceed to How to Use.