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How to Use TogoDoc Client

TogoDoc Client is composed of the four "pane"s.

Upper-Left (Article Explorer): displays folders managed by Client and PDF papers therein.
Upper-Right (Literature Tab): displays information about selected paper(s).
Lower-Left (Tag Explorer): displays papers classified according to associated tags.
Lower-Right (Search Pane): displays searched and recommended papers.

Characteristics: Easy Management and Paper Recommendation

TogoDoc Client basically requires you just to download and save PDF papers to the registered folders.
If "Automatically login when TogoDoc Client launches" is marked, everytime Client launches it finds and analyzes PDF papers added to the registerd folders.
Moreover, it displays papers you should read among those newly registered to PubMed, which is calculated at the TogoDoc server, in the lower-right search pane.

Article Explorer

In this pane, folders managed by TogoDoc Client and PDF papers therein are displayed.
Papers not checked yet (e.g., newly added papers) are designated by the "*" symbol before the filenames.
PDF files that could not be analyzed by Client have an different icon (In this example, ReagentsCatalog.pdf).

By right-clicking files, you can use various functions (the right-hand figure). In particular:
Search for Related Articles lets you to retrieve papers similar to the selected paper from your personal library or literature databases, and
Upload PDF File to TogoDoc lets you to upload PDF files to the TogoDoc server and manage the PDF papers on the Web.
By right-clicking folders, you can use these functions for multiple papers at once.

Literature Tab

This pane shows detailed information about selected paper(s).
By clicking the links, you can read the PDF full-text or open paper websites.
In the "Tags" area, associated tags are displayed. New tags can be created by clicking the button with the "+" mark.
To make management much easy, the system suggests some tags and users can adopt them by clicking the open rectangles.
You can also use the "Search for Related Articles" function from the "Search" area at the lower-left corner.
This function would, for example, make you meet again with valuable papers that you read in the past but scarcely remember.

Tag Explorer

This pane shows papers that are given tags. (In case a paper has several tags, it will appear under each tab.)
Other than the Literature Tab, you can create tags in this pane and attach them to papers by dragging and dropping from Article Explorer.
As you see, tags can have "child tags".

Search Pane

This pane displays recommended papers when Client launches, and results of keyword search, bibliographic search, and associative search.

Automatic Renaming of Filenames

While TogoDoc Client accompanies various functions, one of the most useful functions is to rename PDF filenames automatically.
By choosing Rename All PDF Files, Pattern-Based in the File menu, you can collectively change the filenames according to your favorite style.
In addition, Automatic Renaming Function will automatically rename PDF papers newly added to the folders into the style you specified.
No need to manually rename downloaded PDF papers, anymore.

TogoDoc Client on Multiple Computers

You can upload PDF papers to the TogoDoc Server (see Article Explorer for details) to synchronize data among multiple computers.
After PDF uploading, install TogoDoc Client to another computer, specify a vacant folder as a PDF-storing folder, and log-in by using the same OpenID.
Client automatically downloads the PDF files and synchronizes the bibliographic information.
(You will be asked if you allow to overwrite the local data, thus select Yes. The PDF filenames are in the style PubMedID.pdf, and you can use the renaming function to change them.

Updating TogoDoc Client

If told to update the program, please follow the instructions (Updating Client).


A detailed user's guide is available at tdc-manual.pdf.
If you are a developer and interested in developing TogoDoc Cleint plugins, please refer to tdc-pluginmanual.pdf.